"Bulyard Shipbuilding industry D

Bulyard  Shipbuilding industry D

South Industrial Zone
9000 Varna, Bulgaria

: +359 52 / 613 192; +359 52 / 678 110
: +359 52 / 613 179;

e-mail: office@bulyard.com

website: http://www.bulyard.com

"Bulyard - Shipbuilding Industry" EAD is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in Bulgaria.

After the bankruptcy of Varna shipyard in 1999, 2004 sets a new beginning for the shipbuilding at the yard by laying down the foundations of the nowadays enterprise Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD, which is part of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD with main executive director Mrs. Daneta Zheleva.

The main activity of the shipyard is shipbuilding and ship-repair of different types of ships.

Company product portfolio comprises:

  • tankers (100 000 DWT) and chemical carriers;
  • product carriers (29 900 DWT);
  • bulk carriers (6 000 42 600 DWT);
  • container carriers;
  • multipurpose/ general cargo vessels (5 000 - 17 000 DWT);
  • coal carriers (10 000 - 38 000 DWT).

The enterprise constructs, builds and repairs ships of up to 100 000 DWT. The management efforts are focused on optimizing the available facilities and the implementation of new technologies. An example in this aspect is the purchase of a license from IHI Marine United for the construction of ships Future-56, Supramax type, and upon its realization at Bulyard new technologies in the design and production are applied. The project is elaborated fully in Tribon environment a contemporary 3D system for the automated design, directly taking part in the production process through the newly applied plasma cutting machines with function for marking and inscribing heads. The main characteristics of the ships of this type are functionally in maintenance and service. Of course, more can be required with regard to attracting and preserving more highly qualified personnel, modernization of the facilities and market share enlargement. Nowadays, customers of the shipyard are such companies as Diler Turkey, Navibulgar - Bulgaria, Bulcom, Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD, Tsakos Greece, Solstad Norway, Flekkefjord Norway and many others. In the one-hundred-year-old history of the shipyard, from its birth, more than 850 ships for 27 countries have been built. An important aspect of the development and diversification of the company portfolio is the construction of hulls for specialized ships for drilling rigs and research activity.

Since 2006, Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD has quality management system certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.