"Shipyard Rousse" JSC

Rousse Shipyard JSC

5 Matei Stoikov Str.
7000 Rousse, BULGARIA

Tel: +359 82 883 701
Fax: +359 82 883 876

e-mail: contracts@shipyard.rousse.bg
website: http://shipyard.rousse.bg

Rousse Shipyard was found in 1881. During that time in the yard the first steel ship in Bulgaria was built.

Since then there were constructed non-propelled, crew and crewless, diesel-oil and dry cargo deadweight up to 1500 t., pullers and pushers with power of 3150 H.P., tankers for sea and river sailing with deadweight up to 5870 t., tankers with deadweight 3500 t. with an unrestricted navigation area and 5000 tdw.,dry cargo ships and container carrier 4680 tdw.

In certain periods of its development the shipyard was producing dredges and it was the only producer of 5, 15 and 20 t assembly and harbor cranes as well as 80 t. assembly cranes by the license of the Chereti & Tanfany - Italy.

Our export list is Russia, China, Iran, Norway, Singapore, Germany, Cyprus, Holland, Austria. The shipyard deals with ship repair activities for river ships.

In September 1991 the former Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yard "Ivan Dimitrov" was registered as Rousse Shipyard Ltd.

In April 1999 Rousse Shipyard was privatized by Rousse Shipyard Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH - Germany.